About Us

What is Coach Me Up Sports, LLC?

CMUS, LLC is a sports organization program that provides academic support mentoring instruction, developmental athletic training, athletic competitions, peer mentoring, resources that promote academic guidance and athletic opportunities to student athletes. CMUS provides quality competitive sports competition to help assist student athletes in having positive interaction with peers as well as developing social interaction skills.

Coach Me Up Sports, LLC & D.E.E.N Development Corporation

provide a sound spiritual and educational community based support system to ensure that student athletes are strengthened to excel in the academic setting and in the key areas of integrity, character, moral development, and good sports- manship. These are the fundamental components CMU-Sports, LLC delivers to student athletes ensuring they take the road of success to higher education.

As a faith based, educational and community support sports  program, CMU-Sports, LLC desires to provide an opportunity to groom student athletes who have attended primary, elementary, and junior high school with paying special attention to those who may struggle academically or with a sound support system from family or community.

Our student athletes will achieve academic excellence and successfully move on well prepared to meet the challenges of the educational setting through spiritual guidance, academic instruction, athletic competition, mentoring, encouragement, community and family support enhancement.

Coach Me Up Sports, LLC was established during the winter of 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida, by veteran college football coaches who discovered the need for local additional support services for student athletes in the southeast who fail to have access to organized youth sports organizations, academic support, development training, educational health and wellness information. CMUS, LLC separates itself from other sports organizations by being dedicated to the development of the whole student athlete from an academic standpoint as well as providing top quality athletic instruction.