CMU-Sports is proud to announce its partnership with the NFL Flag Football league. It is the NFL’s largest youth flag football league.

Our program consist of volunteer coaches with football knowledge, background checks and “Play Smart” coaching certification. Our program focuses on Safety first by recommending all players wear the “Soft Hats” available through our program. These helmets contribute to minimizing players head injuries. Players receive league game jerseys provided by the NFL Flag Football League.

Allow us to work with your football player and provide instruction for fundamentals, and prepare them with a solid foundation to learn the game. Check for a league location and sign up near you. If you would like our league in your area please make a request by contacting us at info@CMU-Sports.com


CMU-SPORTS prior to the beginning of games will hold Drill sessions each week helping players learn football fundamentals
This is where it all begins. Teaching players proper stance and start will help improve balance, and explosion off the ball. 
Players will learn route running fundamentals. Coaches will provide drill instruction to teach routes such as out, slant, hitch, curl,etc.
One of the most important task in Flag football is catching the ball. Players will be introduced to the proper techniques for catching a football. 
Defense will prevent the other team from scoring.  CMU-SPORTS Flag football staff will hold drill stations teaching back pedaling and coverage fundamentals. 
Once you catch the football the goal is to avoid getting your flag pulled. CMU-SPORTS Coaching Staff will provide drill sessions that teach evading and what we call “RAZZLE DAZZLE” jukes, stutter step moves and fakes. 
Our program focuses on teaching fundamentals. CMU-Sports believes in quality technique instruction and repetition. Hard work, discipline, and coachable players make for successful athletes.