Coach Me Up Sports presents its

Summer Tryouts. Players will have the opportunity to compete against players of same grade brackets. All players will receive a Coach Me Up Summer League Jersey.

Players will be divided and separated into teams. Once tryouts are completed, players will be positioned in a draft selection where they will be placed on a team for the summer. Players will be notified and provided information regarding final team selections. 
Players will not only participate in competitive game play but will also participate in the following Drill Stations throughout the summer league play. 
Players will learn to utilize both hands to dribble effectively. Players will practice protective dribbling and speed dribbling. 
The introduction of different passing concepts such as bounce passes, chest passes, and baseball passes.
One of the most important aspects to the game of basketball is rebounding. Teaching players to box out, attack the ball, and get the ball at its highest point will always give a team a great chance to win.
Players will be immersed in understanding man pressure defense and zone defense concepts. 
The ability to score points consistently will always make a team or player a valuable threat. CMU-Sports will teach lay ups, short and long range jump shots. 
Our program focuses on teaching fundamentals. CMU-Sports believes in quality technique instruction and repetition. Hard work, discipline, and coachable players make for successful athletes. 

Tryouts Cost for Summer League is $35.00 Each player will receive a CMU-Sports USAB Summer League Tryout Jersey.

Player registration cost for joining Team Summer League is $150.00
Summer League players will receive the following:
  1. Practice Jersey
  2. Game Jersey/Shorts
  3. Game Socks
  4. CMU-Sports T-Shirt

Tryouts Cost for Summer League is $35.00